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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Parents:Families Are Forever

This photo is the one that we as a family deeply treasure. My parents blessed my life, and then my family's life, beyond measure. What a legacy of love they gave to us! We think of them often -- and still feel of their love, concern, and support. Families are Forever

Payne Family Vacation

Just the two girls went with us on this trip -- driving up the coast with countless cars full of Paynes...We dubbed ourselves the 'Bud Sprouts', since Bud did all the prep, and was a Scout Master. Each family had an informational notebook for every mile of site-seeing, up and back. It was a trip to remember - down to the matching t-shirts.

Reed Going On a Mission

This was big for our family too. Before he could leave out the door with his luggage, Grant and Ben had claimed his room and were already moving in. That's what happens when the big brother leaves...

A Family Affair

A great day....Ben embarking on a mission to Spokane; Grant a Deputy, and Jason would leave the following year to Peru. More rooms to spare for the rest!

Another Graduation

...this time my Masters in '91., when I could fianlly see the light at the end of the schooling tunnel. But only possible becuase of the man at my side, and those children in the former photo being so supportive. It was a group effort.

Me Getting My BA in 1989....

Finally with the support of my amazing family.

Another Photo of Us

Albeit a bit older now...but still as happy